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This insurance is typically used by a financial provider of mortgage financing to protect the provider in the event that a client is unable to meet the monthly/annual installments on the amount borrowed due to death, disability or critical illness. Western Life’s Mortgage Protection Plan provides permanent
disability and critical illness benefits in respect of the clients of the creditor between the ages of 18 to 65 years. The plan is offered on decreasing term assurance.

The maximum term is 30 years. If a longer term is required, it can be negotiated.
The Mortgage Plan can be taken up as a single or joint cover. The 2nd life must have an insurable interest and the cover is calculated at a 10% discounted rate. The outstanding amount is settled at the first claim event of either insured individuals.

The maximum cover and free cover limit are calculated on the profile of the group. Free cover limit refers to the limit which is set before any upfront medicals are required. Premiums are payable monthly or annually in advance and the criteria on which the premiums rates are based are:

  • Average Age
  • Average Term of cover
  • Average Sum assure
  • Claims history (if this is an existing scheme)
  •  The number of participants
  • The number of possible participants (this is used to look at the possible growth of the scheme