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Funeral Cover

Western Life’s funeral cover pays out a benefit for assistance at the funeral of a member, spouse and up to six children, with an option of four parents. Extended family members can also be covered at an additional premium. The number of
extended family members varies from scheme to scheme.

The Group Funeral Cover can either be compulsory or voluntary and can be tailor made to the preferences of the Employer or Group.

  • Compulsory Cover means all employees or members of the Group contribute a premium at an agreed frequency, i.e. monthly, or annually. Cover is cheaper than Voluntary Cover and there is no waiting period. This cover is often negotiated by an employer and the cover ceases at the
    company’s retirement age.
  • Voluntary cover is where cover is optional to the members There is a 3 to 6 month waiting period, depending on the history of the group. This will however be waived in the case of accidental death. Accidental death is when death is due to an unplanned and unexpected unnatural event
    like a car accident. This cover seldom has a cessation age.