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Western Life’s Group Credit Life policy provides death, temporary and permanent disability, critical illness and retrenchment cover equal to the outstanding loan amount. The insured sum decreases at the same rate as the loan
amount. The type of cover is determined by the needs of the group and is often decided by the creditor and/or the group.

If you become permanently disabled, die or have a critical illness as defined in the Master Policy before the loan is fully repaid the policy will pay an amount equal to what you still owe at the time of the claim event, not including any arrear payments to the creditor. If you suffer from a temporary illness which unables you to work, your monthly installments to the creditor is paid for a period of 6 months. If you choose to take up retrenchment cover it will cover your
installments for the period you are out of work to a maximum
of six (6) months.

This cover is typically required by any institution who offers loans to individuals for personal or vehicle finance. The maximum amount of the loan is determined by the creditor.

Western ensures a free cover limit before any medicals will be required for medicals at application stage. The level of this free cover limit is calculated on the profile of the group. The maximum term of this policy is usually 60 months, but it can go up to 84 months. Insurance premiums can be paid as a single premium for the entire loan period and often forms part of the loan, or it can be paid monthly.